Boys Chicory Common

Date Time Home Away Location
May 15/2017 7:00p.m. Practice St Peter & St Paul'
May 23/2017 7:00p.m. Chicory Common Mount Forest -
Lions Club
May 30/ 2017 7:00p.m. Saugeen United Chicory Common Helliwell Park
June 6/2017 7:00p.m. Chicory Common Tara-TD Wealth James Blackwell Durham
June 13/2017 7:00p.m. Walkerton FC Chicory Common BPSP Field #4
June 27/2017 7:00p.m. Chicory Common Hanover Candian Tire Durham
July 4/2017 7:00p.m. Kincardine MCR Custom and Repair Chicory Common Davidson Track
July 11/2017 7:00p.m. Mt. Forest - Lions Club Chicory Common Cork St, Dempsey
July 18/2017 7:00p.m. Chicory Commons Saugeen United Durham
July 25/2017 7:00p.m. Tara- TD Wealth James Blackwell Chicory Common Tara Community Center Field
August 1/2017 7:00p.m. Chicory Common Walkerton FC Mount Forest
August 19-20/2017 TBA End Of Season Tournament Mount Forest