2019 Board Members

President ~ Ann Hagedorn


Vice President ~ Vacant

Secretary ~ Kristyne Wray

Tel.:     519-270-8297     E-mail: southpaw711@hotmail.com

Treasurer ~ Shannon Seifried

Tel.:519-369-5722          E-mail:mccshan@yahoo.com

Registrar ~                           



Tel.:   E-mail: 

Saturday Morning Coordinator ~ Rachel Watson

Tel.:519-369-3678          E-mail:rachwatson@hotmail.com

Tournament Coordinator ~ Vacant

Director of Coaches ~ Orel Thomas

Tel.:         E-mail:

Director of Referees & Scheduling ~ Orel Thomas

Tel.:          E-mail:

Volunteer Coordinator ~ Vicki Manion


Director of Fundraising & Sponsorship ~ Ann Hagedorn

Tel.:519-921-1108          E-mail:hagedornfamilyfarm@gmail.com

Field & Equipment Coordinator ~ Lee Watson

Tel.:       E-mail:

Pavilion Coordinator ~ Kristyne Wray

Tel.:      519-270-8297                                       E-mail: southpaw711@hotmail.com

Inter County Soccer League Division Coordinator ~ 

Tel.:          E-mail:

Lakeshore Division Coordinator ~ Randy Corfield

Tel.:519-369-4056          E-mail:randycorfield@gmail.com

Website Manager and Media~ Christine Hauver-Fairhall 

Tel.:519-378-7702          E-mail: chauver@eastlink.ca

Pictures ~ 

Tel.:         E-mail: